Prioritizing Money to Classrroms

Accountability & Use of Taxpayer Dollars


Every taxpayer in Fairfax County – whether they have children in the public schools or not – has a stake in making our school system more efficient and effective.  Consider:

  • Nearly 53 cents of every county tax dollar you pay goes directly to FCPS’ $3.0+ Billion annual operating budget. In addition, the schools have a $180 Million annual capital budget – but a nearly $1 Billion capital backlog on building and renovations. Elizabeth works tirelessly to ask the difficult questions, seeks meaningful data, and determines best practices to improve the decision-making processes of the Board to serve the public’s interest in as transparent manner as possible.
  • Everyone’s property values are tied to the success of our local public schools, and while only 25% of county residents have children in our public schools, the reputation of our schools is inextricably tied to our county’s economic future; with excellent schools, businesses are eager to locate here and our graduates are able to find good jobs. 
  • While 93% of students graduate on-time, of the 57% who go on to four-year colleges and the 18% who go on to two-year colleges, only 60% graduate those within six years, so Elizabeth proactively seeks to focus the School Board’s work with priorities on student achievement and paths to success in college & career-readiness for every student.
  • Fairfax County has among the most highly-educated parent population in the nation, yet minority students, those with disabilities and who are economically disadvantaged persist with substantial and even growing academic achievement gaps. As a result, Elizabeth believes the School Board must drive the taxpayer’s dollars into the classroom to the maximum extent possible to support student achievement.
  • People select Fairfax County to work, live, raise their families and educate their children in our schools. Elizabeth understands that personal choice and investment and, as such, advocates for the needs of our families to have the needs of their children – regardless of their abilities or disabilities – met in a fair-sized classroom, in a neighborhood school and by a great quality, well-supported teacher.
  • A School Board that listens to and values input from taxpayers, parents and teachers serves the interests of all Fairfax County residents.
Your schools, your money, your voice
effective, accountable use of resources for our students