Veterans of today and tomorrow

Honoring Service

Fairfax County has one of the largest veteran populations in the nation.

 In the face of a national teacher shortage, Elizabeth has sought enhanced employment outreach to the veteran community as potential second-career educators and in other support service roles.


Elizabeth has sought improvements in meeting the needs of students of military personnel, as they often face academic and other challenges due to frequent changes in schools with their family’s duty station moves.


Elizabeth successfully led the change in School Board policy to publicly recognize at their graduation or senior ceremony the young men and women who have committed to serve our nation through their acceptance to one of our military service academies or by entering the armed forces upon their graduation.


Elizabeth continues to work toward formal recognition of Veterans Day as a holiday on the school calendar. The majority of current School Board Members have repeatedly voted AGAINST recognizing Veterans Day, leaving it as the only federal holiday still not on the FCPS calendar.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty
The Home of the free
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