A path for every student

Success for Each Student

Ensuring a path for success for each student - whether for college or career, plus life-readiness - should be the main goal!

The Fairfax County School Board should be focused on ensuring excellence in education for each student through prioritizing its time on academic achievement, embracing transparency and accountability, supporting parental rights, authentic public engagement and responsible oversight of the public’s tax dollars.

  • As a School Board Member, Elizabeth has supported restoring Honors classes, appropriate curriculum rigor, and advanced academics.
  • In addition, she has fought to address homework-load, balance in the number of assessments, increasing electives for high school students and the need to focus on student growth progression, or the capacity for each child to achieve.
  • Elizabeth has supported students bound for the workforce after graduation and has maintained the need for improved access to Career and Technical Education classes in more schools.
  • Of the current trades personnel working in FCPS, 40% are are eligible for retirement within ten years. Elizabeth has led on championing a “Trades for Tomorrow” program, offering high school students a path to technical certifications in and after high school, with the ability to come back to FCPS and work in a trades position.
  • Elizabeth has consistently fought to address the needs of students with disabilities, implement services to students with dyslexia and other learning impairments, and improve the acquisition of life skills for all students.
  • Elizabeth worked with community and parent advocacy groups to conduct a full review of early learning assessment and intervention for students with disabilities. This led to a system-wide implementation of an assessment tool to help identify young students who may have dyslexia or other learning impairments and provide proactive meaningful assistance.
A school board with a student-centered focus
Serving student outcomes!