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Nicotine is addictive. The vaping crisis is sweeping the nation’s teen and even pre-teen population, fueled by flavored oils designed to ensure drawing in young people to an addiction-certain industry. Students are caught in the middle of a national discussion in flux over drug legalization amidst an epidemic of opioid and prescription medication abuse.

Laws are behind, but are catching up. Education policies are not.

For vaping, parents are caught unaware, as the signs are not clear when their student is using a device. The smell, if any, is fresh and can be fruity. The addiction and potential unraveling to greater problems, however, is takes parents by surprise and the health and wellness of students is at risk.

Being proximate to Washington, DC – where marijuana is legally available – and in a county where student access to prescription medication causes problems both at home and in school, parents need a School Board which focuses on solutions.


Elizabeth is committed to bringing information to parents to help them understand the dangers of vaping and prescription drug abuse, including resources to help their students avoid use or free themselves from addiction.

Helping parents learn to identify the signs of use and addiction, whether it is vaping, prescription drug abuse, alcohol or illegal drugs, is crucial to guiding their children back to health.

Academic success depends upon ensuring the capacity of children to learn – which includes overcoming barriers to becoming happy, productive students, graduates and members of society.

Elizabeth has been working hard and remains committed to helping the school system develop and deliver materials and resources to parents to help create a culture of avoidance and restorative justice.

A school division’s predominate goal should not be to punish students, but rather to educate and provide paths to health and wellness for every student.


The vaping crisis is hitting the nation’s schools, Fairfax County classrooms, hallways and school grounds. Elizabeth believes in supporting school personnel with teacher-directed professional development and best practices.


For students in the classroom, athletics and extracurricular activities, including the fine and performing arts

Best Practices

When to punish and when to deploy restorative justice

Professional Development

Access to teacher or administrator-directed meaning professional development to acquire tools and grow capacity

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