For You

Your students. Your schools. Your money.

Parents, students, teachers and county residents deserve someone who will be their voice

The School Board needs to stay on-track, be responsive, and to focus on what happens in our classrooms to promote academic achievement. Elizabeth is a committed voice to serve the needs of parents, students and teachers.

“I believe Fairfax County voters deserve a School Board that is focused on academics, respectful of parents and committed to common sense oversight of $3 billion taxpayer dollars.” – Elizabeth Schultz

  • Elizabeth has successfully fought to reform the school calendar to eliminate half-days on Mondays for elementary students and to implement a full academic day.
  • Understanding the havoc “half-day Mondays” created for students & families alike, particularly working parents, Elizabeth didn’t give up until the 43 year-long problem was fixed! Students, families and teachers all now benefit from a consistent & reliable day-to-day schedule, state education standards are now met and protected planning time has been secured for Elementary teachers.
  • Elizabeth has relentlessly sought for the Board to focus on successful outcomes for students, directing resources to the classroom and seeking data-driven decisions.
  • Elizabeth has worked for students by restoring Honors level classes at the high school level, creating multiple pathways to graduation, increasing opportunities for electives and emphasizing supports for students of military families.
  • Elizabeth has led the effort to address student data privacy, add digital citizenship components to the curriculum and focus on appropriate use of technology in education.
  • Elizabeth secured the opportunity to highlight the work of Caring Angels Service dogs with minors in the Juvenile Detention Center (JDC), where they receive an FCPS education. A first-ever film crew was permitted in JDC to share in a news story the view of incarcerated students and the volunteer work of Caring Angels Service dogs and their owners.
  • Elizabeth has consistently championed the re-negotiation of a decades old Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Board of Supervisors. The MOU as written results in approximately 245 School-Aged Child Care (SACC) classrooms representing approximately 6,125 elementary seats being blocked from full educational classroom use during the academic day.
  • Elizabeth sought a transportation study which highlighted the disparate length of rides of students in certain areas of the county, and she serves as a voice seeking a solution for families whose students suffer the longest bus rides.
  • Elizabeth is a consistent voice for protected planning time, teacher-directed meaningful professional development and fixing pay lanes, especially for BA lane educators.
  • Many students in Fairfax County go to school every day in overcrowded classrooms. This is not only an issue for the academic experience of students but also for the workload on our teachers. Elizabeth has been a champion on the transparent use of data on classroom sizes and finding a common sense balance to meet the needs of all students