Learning Well, Being Well

Student Health & Wellness

there’s a lot that students face today which impacts their health and wellness. 

Homework load, sleep, peer pressure and relations, athletic competitiveness, college entrance slots, social media…

Fairfax County, in particular, is a pressure cooker of stress and competitiveness for our students. The School Board, in collaboration with teachers, administrators and parents, plays a crucial role in leading with policies that should promote student learning that contributes to forming educated and well-balanced students, prepared to graduate and become contributing citizens.

Working with families and students, the School Board needs to focus on which factors which can be positively impacted to improve student health and wellness.

Improved mental wellness screenings which provide helpful insight and access to resources is a crucial next step forward. In support of de-stigmatizing mental health issues, Elizabeth championed changing access offered in the school system from “depression screenings” to “mental health and wellness screenings” in response to extensive student input she received calling for an end to the stigmatizing title, which prevented many students from engaging in the screenings from the outset.

Elizabeth supports providing professional development for all staff who work with or serve the needs of students over their academic experience.

Elizabeth also supports extending information on resources to help give additional tools for parents with children in our schools needing mental health and wellness support.

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